Documentary, 29′
Director: Dorothea Braun
Production: ZeLig 2015
1:2 · HD · Sony F3 · Sony Primes


Brenner/Brennero: an ancient village stuck between an outsized shopping mall, forested mountains and windy highways. This shrinking, lost place on the invisible borderline between Italy and Austria is struggling for survival, facing the strong winds of change and elusiveness.
The influence of European politics, the violence of the surrounding nature and the passing of male passengers are shaping this place’s aura of absurdity and sadness.
We’re guided through the film by the blue feeling, stopping here and there, meeting people and discovering the opposing desires between those who are passing by and those who are forced to stay.



᛫ Trento Film Festival 2016
᛫ Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival 2016
᛫ Koblenz Travelling GIEFF Festival 2016
᛫ Ethnocineca Wien 2016
᛫ Athens Ethnographic Film Festival 2016




© Selina Becker 2017